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Duration: 14 minutes    

Benefits: stretches and lengthens muscles, relieves tightness and tension in the shoulders, promotes mental alertness.

This chair-based qigong routine is ideal if you’re stuck at your desk for several hours a day, or if you struggle with standing exercises. Opening up the body, it will leave you feeling stretched, supple, calm and refreshed.

Mark begins with a set of mobility and stretching exercises. He moves onto relaxing, gentle qigong routines and finishes with a short, seated meditation.

Please note – always do the exercises to the best of your ability, do not force any of the movements.


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  1. 5

    Really great exercise to do at my desk.

  2. I thank you, I'm starting sharing my tai chi at a cancer center,and some of the tai chi dancers are in wheel chairs.



  3. Sitting qi gong


    very nice adaptation of the standing basic stretch and qi gong form. Deceptively effective if practised every day