• Footwork Exercises
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    274 STUDENTS

    Footwork is an essential element to your tai chi practice and it is worthwhile practicing the lower body movements without worrying about the hands and the upper body. When combined with the breath, it becomes a very powerful and grounding qigong exercise. As well as improving your tai chi form,…

  • Golden Light Meditation
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    320 STUDENTS

    Duration: 7 minutes Benefits: Boosts positivity and renews energy.

  • Joint Mobility Exercises
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    277 STUDENTS

    This routine – focusing on the major joints throughout the body – is a very effective way to get yourself warmed up for tai chi practice, other exercise or just for your day! Great to do at the start of the day to gently get the blood and the energy…

  • Qigong Chair Exercises
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    439 STUDENTS

    Duration: 14 minutes     Benefits: stretches and lengthens muscles, relieves tightness and tension in the shoulders, promotes mental alertness.

  • shibashi_commencing_form
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    Over a 3 month period, learn in detail a fantastic 18 move qigong form known as Shibashi. Shibashi quite literally means 18 and the moves are taken from moves within the Yang style tai chi form as well as other qigong routines. The calming, flowing sequence in total takes around…

  • Shibashi Introduction
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    280 STUDENTS

    Join Mark for an introduction to the Shibashi qigong form. A lovely, flowing and very relaxing sequence that is easy to copy and learn.

  • Standing Meditation
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    354 STUDENTS

    Duration: 8 minutes. Benefits: Enhances ‘grounded’ sensation, relaxation and calm.

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    321 STUDENTS

    Duration: 15 minutes Benefits: Relieves tension, aches and pain, and promotes deep relaxation.

  • White Crane Tai Chi
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    Known as ‘Frost & Sun White Crane Gentle Art’, this is a 66 move tai chi form which you will learn over a 12 month period. Each month you will receive new tutorials and eventually have a video library of all of the moves.

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