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Duration: 8 minutes.

Benefits: Enhances ‘grounded’ sensation, relaxation and calm.

This short, standing meditation begins with adjusting yourself to the correct position (and offering a seated alternative), then bringing attention to your breathing pattern.

Feeling as though you are rooted to the ground, focusing on your breath and the connection between your feet and the ground, gives you a sense of stability, which has a ripple effect in your daily life. You can come back to this calm, secure feeling to escape from the pressures of work, study or home life.

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  1. 5

    Excellent relaxing meditation, love the idea of meditating standing up.

  2. This is good!


    I like this – it can be done without fuss or hassle anywhere!

  3. standing meditation


    really worth doing at least once a day. It’s deceptively simple and powerful and really is the basis for all of the other movements. Take time to get the foundation right.