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Each video features multiple angles, close ups, descriptions of common difficulties, variations to make some parts easier (if necessary), description of breathing patterns, and throughout the course there are many places where you can see Mark performing the form from the front and the back, so that you are able to follow along.

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  1. Great for beginners


    Being completely new to tai chi, I wasn’t sure I would know what to do without some guidance in a ‘real life’ class. The first video has reassured me that this is an excellent course for beginners – each move is described in detail and repeated. Mark gives very clear instructions on posture and positions, any questions I had were answered. Looking forward to learning more.

  2. New to Tai Chi - and absolutely loving this!


    I am so glad this course exists! I am new to Tai Chi (despite intending to start several years ago!) and didn’t know how I would get on with online learning – but I am absolutely loving it! Mark has a gift of explaining things really clearly – and the fact that the course is online means it can neatly fit in with everything else going on in the week. Being able to replay different moves however many times I need to is really helpful – and I am finding the whole learning process a joy. Since starting White Crane Tai Chi I feel a lot more relaxed on a daily basis – and even my joints are improving. I wish I’d started years ago – but am glad it’s never too late!!

  3. Perfect for practicing at home


    The White Crane tai chi videos are great for practicing your tai chi form at home. Mark explains in detail each move and how to execute them to the best of your ability. They have really helped me understand the form, from the name of each move, down to the smallest hand movement performed. I think the videos would be great for both beginners and for the more experienced that seek to improve or polish their form slightly. Really really good.

  4. fighting in tai chi chuan


    if we will have a Battle application it was perfect

    • We have started filming a new set of videos that has several martial applications for every single move of the form. These will be online very soon.