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Tick Tock Tick Tock

I really don’t like the sound of a ticking clock, I find it incredibly irritating and (as happened in my kitchen this morning as I had previously been enjoying a coffee) my conscious thoughts and the tick tock tick tock became synchronised and I swear it became louder with each passing second, as I retreated to my office to search Amazon for silent clocks!

The audible reminder of my life ticking away is not something I want to hear – but if you think of it in such a way, perhaps the sound of a ticking clock can inspire you to get up and do something productive.

How much time do you waste procrastinating?

“I’ll start that blog post after another cup of tea”

“I’ll go to my exercise class next week”

“I’ll start that course next term”

“I’ll start my new diet on Monday”

Do you know what? Chances are you won’t!

If a person is determined to do something, and really wants to – they will do it there and then.

Want to lose weight? Make a statement and throw away that half eaten packet of biscuits.

Want to start an exercise routine? Stand up and do some squats (or register on White Crane Online and we’ll help you get started NOW).

Want to learn something new? Download a book, podcast, audible book, sign up for an online course.


In the digital age of immediacy that we live in, there are less and less reasons to procrastinate than ever!

So get on with whatever it is you want to do just get on with it and stop listening to the inner chatter – the clock is ticking and it’s really annoying!

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