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How to Improve Quickly at Tai Chi

When giving advice to my students about how often they should train, I usually recommend a ‘little and often’ approach. If I enjoy something, I want to do it everyday – fortunately this is the best way to improve at tai chi.


Let’s say you’ve just started a class or subscribed to learn tai chi with us, it may well be hard to dedicate a sizeable chunk of time to your new activity. With the best will in the world, putting aside 30 – 60 minutes per day would be great, but at the start how feasible is it when taking into consideration all of your other commitments?


Instead of being downhearted and disappointed with yourself, switch to a method of practice where you integrate tai chi into your daily life.


One great way to do it is to practice whilst the kettle is boiling, or you’re waiting for another similar routine event of the day to complete. Tai Chi is so versatile that you can do it anytime and almost anywhere – and the compound effect of all of those micro practice sessions over a week/month/year really do add up!


Compare it to practicing just once per week for an hour, the other 126 hours in the week you’re out of tai chi mode, when really what you want is for the amazing benefits of tai chi to pervade every aspect of your life, the only real way to do this is to integrate it into your lifestyle. Make it as routine as boiling the kettle,  brushing your teeth, cleaning your house.


The ultimate goal of tai chi is not to know many forms or movements, it is to fully incorporate the principles of the art into everything you do, every movement you make, how you sit, how you stand, how you breathe.


Start this practice early on by letting tai chi drip feed into your lifestyle and start to integrate this ancient art and body of knowledge with your daily life… the benefits will be immense!

White Crane Online is designed to help you do this. It’s always accessible across many devices – almost like a tai chi class in your pocket, whenever and wherever you want it!

Give it a try and we’re always happy to hear how you get on!

Happy training.


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